Moon-rise in Okinawa

Have you ever seen a full moon-rise over the ocean? I witnessed one from a small island in Okinawa, Japan. In early September at around eight at night a sea of ink black water meets a grayish blue sky. Deep black silhouettes of mountains flank either side of the periphery and frame the scene. From […]

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Bonjour from Paris

This is the view I had while street dancing at Stravinsky Fountain in Paris. When I was a seventeen year old freshman in college sitting in a computer lab I was flanked by an South Indian looking kid to my left and an East Asian looking kid to my right. No big deal. We start […]

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My First Date with San Diego

San Diego happened recently. I was there for a total of five days. One day was dedicated to a grueling 8-hour long technical engineering interview. The other four days were left for recovery from said interview and some good old fashioned city exploration. My two objectives in prioritized order were to stuff my face with […]

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The Douchey Backpacker

I dedicate this post to this high quality tequila which is bringing out my inner hater. I’ve had a short burst of micro-excursions. NJ to Boston to NYC to San Diego and back to NJ within two weeks. I’ve been a bit busy to write in here but the gears have been turning. I’ve been […]

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The Traveling Graduate Student

I’m not just out in the world wasting away, stringing together hangovers in strange cities. When I am done traveling and living like a hobo my career will continue without so much as a hiccup. I’m covering my tracks. I’m in graduate school. Again. Kinda. A week ago I submitted a design project for an […]

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