Back from Hiatus

If traveling is getting a taste of the unfamiliar, the 9 to 5 grind is drowning in the ordinary. The focal point of the last year was to do the whole get rich slow in big tech thing and I fell victim to the monotony of it all. I felt that because I wasn’t gallivanting […]

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New York Fucking City

You board the PATH at Journal Square. The seats are hard plastic and full of bodies with expressionless faces. The train ushers you through bedrock hundreds of feet below the Hudson River, wheels screeching against the steel tracks.  You reach 33rd Street and people pour out of the train. The station always has that damp […]

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The Nine Month Update

This is the all important almost-a-full-year-but-not-quite-yet update. To recap, I spent all of 2017 traveling before getting a job and settling in Austin, Texas. I’m a salary man again. My ultimate goal is to build financial independence and in turn maximize my freedom while getting the most I can out of life. The worst case […]

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I Got to Know My Aunt

Had I never left my normal life and moved to Korea in 2014 I would never have gotten to know my elderly Aunt. She was born in Incheon in 1942 under Japanese occupation and lived through the Korean War. She was the last link in my family that had memory of this difficult period and […]

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I know a few people that would argue with me, but the hardest part of any RPG is grinding. You go off into a dungeon and you repetitively stomp out low level creeps until you are strong steamroll through the boss. I don’t like grinding but I understand it to be an integral part of […]

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