The Nine Month Update

This is the all important almost-a-full-year-but-not-quite-yet update. To recap, I spent all of 2017 traveling before getting a job and settling in Austin, Texas. I’m a salary man again. My ultimate goal is to build financial independence and in turn maximize my freedom while getting the most I can out of life. The worst case […]

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I know a few people that would argue with me, but the hardest part of any RPG is grinding. You go off into a dungeon and you repetitively stomp out low level creeps until you are strong steamroll through the boss. I don’t like grinding but I understand it to be an integral part of […]

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My Bike

In the early Spring of 2015 after having lived in Seoul for just half a year I had purchased a small displacement motorcycle, a Yamaha YB-1. It was shipped over the narrow sea from its native Japan and somehow made its way into the Korean used bike market. When I saw it on display in […]

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