Travel and Work Philosophy

We have so little time for ourselves let alone for each other that how we spend our precious time and where we focus our energy is a topic that deserves serious consideration. During my two expeditions traveling the world my younger and less experienced self would make a list of goals and I’d go about carrying them out. My trips were exciting and I saw, learned, and experienced quite a bit but looking back there was still an air of emptiness to my travels. I think I’ve finally figured out why. My goals were usually material in nature and lacked logical connection via a theme or central philosophy. That said, I took some time this lazy Friday afternoon to collect my thoughts on this subject. My running list of how I want to engage with the world is as follows:

  • Prioritize spending time with people I care about
  • If possible, have a positive impact on people/places/things I encounter
  • Set aside time to be alone and relax
  • Maximize freedom
  • Strengthen my appreciation muscle
  • Self development or self learning should be connected to other items on this list

The list is crude but it’s true to the heart. I thought of it in ten minutes while ruminating over my past experiences traveling and examining the points that I did well and failed miserably in. I think this will take more refinement as I go along and continue to fumble around this life and this world but I think this is a good comprehensive first shot.

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