I Moved To Austin

I took a hiatus from updating this blog. This was partially due to my being busy but more than that, I needed time to collect myself and mull over my decision to stop traveling and setup shop in Austin, Texas. I never in a million years imagined that I would have ended up here but […]

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Advice Asked, Advice Given

My friend and old colleague in Korea asked me for advice. As I’ve described before, company life has a tendency to pulverize the human spirit into dust. Our older colleagues are physically and spiritually depressed and live lives hyphenated by company sponsored booze-fests. He wants to escape the corporate noose and move abroad to study […]

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Lifestyle Design

  I took the above picture from near my home in Seoul for 2.5 years. It can be difficult to know where exactly we need to be and what we need to be doing. Paramount among the quest for a pleasant lifestyle is answering where we want to live, how close to friends and family, […]

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Nine Months of Travel

My cheap mechanical Swatch tells me that it is September 30th. Today marks nine months of being out in the world. In February of this year I departed the normal salary-man life and managed to circle the globe twice. On a few occasions I got angry enough to throw a punch or two. Minor crises […]

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Moon-rise in Okinawa

Have you ever seen a full moon-rise over the ocean? I witnessed one from a small island in Okinawa, Japan. In early September at around eight at night a sea of ink black water meets a grayish blue sky. Deep black silhouettes of mountains flank either side of the periphery and frame the scene. From […]

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