The Completely Satisfying Weekend

Part of the problem with looking forward to taking extended time off to travel is that it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on in the present. How is my quality of life? Am I eating properly? Am I getting shit done? Am I taking care of myself? I find that it’s easy to lose myself in the grind when my eyes are always focused on the finish line. In effort to put some pressure against losing myself, I’ve thought up of a few things that would keep me healthy physically and mentally, and also give me the sense that I’m taking care of myself. Thus is born my idea of the completely satisfying weekend. It’s not overly complicated but it does take some effort to execute. It’s easy for me to spend my weekends inside playing League of Legends or deleting a day or two and fast-forwarding time by drinking beer and surfing the web. In any case, my list is as follows:

  • B-boy practice on Friday night with my dancer homies
  • Lunch or dinner with my colleague on Saturday or going out Dancing at night
  • Cleaning my living area, doing laundry, and other maintenance tasks
  • Writing
  • Getting a workout in
  • Communicating with my Mom
  • Digging into a book on Sunday

There it is. Nothing too crazy. I suppose this small list is more like greasing the machine that keeps me moving forward. If I don’t get these simple things done on a regular basis, everything starts to fall into disrepair and my life satisfaction takes a hit.

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