Nine Months of Travel

My cheap mechanical Swatch tells me that it is September 30th. Today marks nine months of being out in the world. In February of this year I departed the normal salary-man life and managed to circle the globe twice. On a few occasions I got angry enough to throw a punch or two. Minor crises like losing my luggage in Copenhagen came and went. While quite serious and sometimes devastating at the time these happenings are now just emotionless things that occurred. The lens of recall is an honest and fair filter. Thankfully I have been spared of the major life crises that I’ve seen several of my friend’s struggle with.

For nine months I focused solely on filling in the blind-spots of my life. This is an ongoing task that was accelerated by escaping from the normal grind. I think the primary idea that I’ve made peace with is gracefully accepting the end of something. The end of a job. The end of a personal relationship. The end of a bout travel. The end of something can be a traumatic and jarring experience for the uninitiated. But it can also be a beacon or a reference for how to spend our time. It takes courage to confront the end of something that is an integral piece of our current life.

My memory will invariably compress these past nine-months into just several minutes worth of memories. Like it or not, this is just how humans work. It sounds like a raw deal but I think the upshot is that if we approach our time wisely we can congeal our experiences into usable tools to help us in the future.


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