Moon-rise in Okinawa

Have you ever seen a full moon-rise over the ocean? I witnessed one from a small island in Okinawa, Japan. In early September at around eight at night a sea of ink black water meets a grayish blue sky. Deep black silhouettes of mountains flank either side of the periphery and frame the scene. From the ink the secondary light rises. A shimmering beam of yellow reflects against the ocean making an illuminated path, myself on one side, the moon on the other. As the moon climbs into the clouds the path of light gives way and eventually disperses into the inky black water. All of the sudden I’m back in the real world. Intuition tells me I will only get to experience this two or three more times in my life.

I didn’t take any pictures of the moon-rise though I don’t regret it. Pictures are worth a thousand words but I don’t think it applies to the pictures I take. Maybe I’m a lousy photographer or maybe the things I want to capture aren’t easily captured in photos. In any case, I was happy I did not waste my time fumbling around in the dark for my phone, ruining my night vision.

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