Naming This Blog

Pado Pado pronounced Pah-Doh Pah-Doh.

In 2016 I was observing the various guesthouses that line the shore of Jeju Island. Many of them incorporated the word “pado” into their namesake and I came to understand that the word means “wave”. It made sense for an establishment to utilize the dominant feature of the immediate surroundings, crashing ocean waves against volcanic beaches, as a piece of its identity.

I’ve been on the road since February of 2017, changing location once every three weeks or so. That makes for four solid months on the road. I’m in Atlanta right now and will be boarding a plane to New York City shortly. I was looking for some clever name for my blog but all I could come up with was “pado” and luckily it fits.

One of the key characteristics of a wave, even more fundamental than frequency and amplitude, is that it travels. Furthermore waves change as they interact with their surroundings, much like my small excursion to Jeju Island gave me the gift of the word “pado”.

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