Financial Independence Portfolio Update #3: Portfolio Increased by 76K in One Month While Buying into Corona Virus Weakeness

Every second Friday of every month I do a review of my investing portfolio to capture performance, reflect on market conditions, and highlight any re-balancing or changes in strategy.

  • February 14th 2020
    • Target: $1,100,000
    • Current Balance: $766,000
    • Remaining: $334,000
    • Portfolio Appreciation Since November 15th 2019 (3 months): $162,000

What happened this past month? At the end of January 2020, the novel Corona virus  reared it’s ugly head on news headlines. The market slumped in the following weeks and with the memory of SARS and H1N1 in my distant memory, I had bought into the stock market weakness by adding to both my BRK.B and Visa positions. The market has since plugged on unaffected as rumors of economic slowdown in the Far East dominate media outlets.

Separating the signal from noise, I understand three things about the current predicament; 1) China has a bigger role in a more connected global economy as opposed to the previous epidemics and 2) This new epidemic is more virulent and more contagious than SARS or H1N1 and finally, 3) Markets have been resilient to past disease outbreaks

What do I do moving forward? I sold a portion of AMD to diversify away from my largest position as well as add to my cash at hand in the event that this epidemic coaxes the market into a short to medium term market correction.

In terms of purchases I plan on deploying the proceeds from the AMD sale into purchases of my anchor positions (AMZN, BRK.B, GOOGL, MSFT, V, WM) as well as adding to my position in GLDM.

Overview of Current Positions

  • Positions
    • Mutual Funds
      • FXAIX
      • VTSNX
      • VFFX
      • BSMAX
    • Individual Stocks
      • Large Holdings (>30k)
        • AMD
        • AMZN
        • BRK.B
        • GOOGL
        • MSFT
        • V
        • WM
      • Medium Holdings (<30k)
        • VZ
        • UBER
        • O
        • LYFT
        • BABA
        • SCHW
        • GLDM
        • TSLA
    • Open Options Postions
      • DIS Call
      • Lyft Call

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