Financial Independence Portfolio Update #2: Bull Market added 86k in Two Months

Every second Friday of every month I do a review of my investing portfolio to capture performance, reflect on market conditions, and highlight any re-balancing or changes in strategy.

  • January 10th 2020
    • Target: $1,100,000
    • Current Balance: $690,000
    • Remaining: $410,000

What happened this past month? This recent bull leg marched well into January 2020 and packed a punch. Since I started tracking my portfolio on 11/15 my portfolio as appreciated by 86k. This past month alone added 60k. This was despite the geo-political shit storm that centered around Iran. In case you’ve been living under a rock, a major Iranian political/military figure was assassinated just a few days ago and the Iranian state retaliated via rocket attacks on US military bases. I do not want to politicize this blog but I need consider the geo-political situation to protect my strategy.

What do I do moving forward? The December 2019 jobs report was mildly disappointing and I don’t think we are completely out of the woods with Iran. Oil prices have shot up and this can have ripple effects into the macro-economic environment. I am anticipating an increased amount of volatility as the Iran situation de-escalates and Phase 2 of the China trade deal starts to come into the picture.

I do not plan on re-balancing my portfolio at the moment.

In terms of purchases, I plan on buying at my regularly schedule intervals and adding free cash beyond that to my cash/gold hedge positions. My cash/gold hedge is ready to buy into volatility  Also, I have small low risk options plays open that are generating extra cash.

Overview of Current Positions

  • Positions
    • Mutual Funds
      • FXAIX
      • VTSNX
      • VFFX
      • BSMAX
    • Individual Stocks
      • Large Holdings (>30k)
        • AMD
        • AMZN
        • BRK.B
        • GOOGL
        • MSFT
        • V
        • WM
      • Medium Holdings (<30k)
        • VZ
        • UBER
        • O
        • LYFT
        • BABA
        • SCHW
        • GLDM
        • TSLA
    • Open Options Postions
      • Uber Put
      • VZ Credit Spread
      • Lyft Covered Call
      • Uber Covered Call
      • O Covered Call

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