Financial Independence Portfolio Update #1: Getting Started

Starting balance in mid November was 604k and this ballooned to 630k by mid December thanks to market headwinds. A pessimistic trade war tweet from President Trump on December 3rd created a buying opportunity where I added to my BRK.B, V, and GLDM positions. More recently, vague news regarding “phase one” of the China trade deal was announced sending the market even higher though I am cautious with regard to how sustainable this recent run is.

Long term, I expect to encounter month to month volatility as the trade deal with China and other macro-economic factors get ironed out. I am prepared for short term pull-backs but if the world economy itself goes into a recession or the market trades flat for years on end I don’t have an easy answer. In any case, here is to a great month of gains and looking forward to closing out 2019 strong.


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